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A competition
gathering 600 pilots

For more than three decades, the Mondial de Pont-de-Vaux has been anchored in the quad world. Indeed, the event was launched before this machine even appeared. At the time it was ATC trike, in other words motorized tricycles that took place at the start in the meadow in 1987. Over the years, with the birth of the quad and its evolution, the Pontévalloise race has taken on international dimensions by attracting many European and overseas teams. Then the Kids, five years ago, entered the track as well as the contest during the twenty-second edition. 

Very quickly, the contest race will be launched in the 1990s. This race, offered in a shorter format, will allow many drivers to embark on the adventure. Much later, in 2008, it was the motorcycle that appeared in the World Cup landscape. From 2009 to 2011, the race was the subject of a 6-hour endurance then 8 hours in 2012 and then disappear until 2018. 2019 marks its great comeback with the creation of the AINduro. Finally, the Kids entered the scene 5 years ago for the 28th edition, the success is guaranteed!


Always looking to the futur

Never satisfied, and always on the lookout for new things to bring to the Mondial, it is in 2014 that the SSV category (Buggy) will make its debut. An endurance race of another kind, a way to offer more and more to the public.

Another dimension

Sometimes spread over two weekends or condensed into one, the Mondial du Quad de Pont-de-Vaux has been able to make its way over several decades. A fraternal spirit present in both the organisation and the drivers, a sporting mentality on the track and festive in the paddock, let the 12 hours set foot in a higher dimension.

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