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March 2021

At 6 months of the 34th edition of the Mondial du Quad / 12 heures de Pont-de-Vaux, the organization is playing the card of optimism by relying on the deployment of vaccination and reinforced by the confidence of the pilots and volunteers, eager to return to the prairie circuit on August 26, 27, 28 and 29, 2021.

The COVID-19 crisis continues to greatly disturb the living conditions of everyone and leaves total doubt about the future, on the modalities of the organization of this major annual international meeting for motorsport enthusiasts.

President Bernard Maingret and the organizers of the Mondial du Quad and 12 hours of Pont-de-Vaux event are awaiting the regulatory framework that the Ain prefecture services will put in place for the next August edition.

After the cancellation of 2020, the will to exist in 2021 is very real and the organization is working on a range of scenarios ranging from a normal version to a light version over 2 days, while putting itself in working order as both in terms of sport and logistics, determined to succeed in this challenge. The passing of time should work in favor of the event, as vaccinations ramp up things need to improve. It is therefore advisable to be optimistic, the demonstration takes place on an outdoor site, so respect for social distancing should not be a problem.

The involvement of everyone is essential to the success of the 2021 World Cup: the drivers who are already numerous to have signed up for the 2020 edition and who are longing to get back on the track, the private public for its annual show as well as all the volunteers from the Pont de Vaux Motorcycling Association, the commissioners, and other actors of this great popular festival. The partners too are waiting to contribute to the success and sustainability of this sporting event.

The organizing team is monitoring the evolution of the conditions for organizing outdoor activities (matches, etc.) which will be a good indication for the future. Numerous tests are being implemented in France for the gradual reopening of cultural venues and the resumption of concerts and festivals. With a shortened lead time, the Mondial du Quad players are all ready to be very responsive.

See you at the Mondial du Quad on August 26, 27, 28 and 29, 2021 in Pont de Vaux (Ain)