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Author: Léo Maingret

The Mondial du Quad will welcome spectators accustomed to the Pontévalloise meadow with the same pleasure as in previous editions. The organization and all the volunteers who have been working since the end of July to set up the circuit hope that the public will be there for this 34th edition.

After the sad decision to cancel the event last year, and to ensure the sustainability of a local event, animated by volunteers and which makes Pont-de-Vaux known well beyond the French borders (21 nations represented in 2019 and 600 pilots!) We must adapt to the rules imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic. Access will be made according to the health instructions validated by the National Assembly and supported by the health pass since August 9, 2021.

Access to the circuit, pilot areas, Expo Quad village, refreshment areas and catering, will be with a health pass.

The advantage of the establishment of the sanitary pass is the elimination of the 5,000-person gauge.

The process is simple and already works very well in cafes, bars, and restaurants.

What the sanitary pass is:

Presentation of a paper or digital document (via the TousAntiCovid application) of one of the following three health proofs:

1) Complete vaccination schedule

a. 7 days after the 2nd injection for the double vaccines type Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca

b. 28 days after injection for single vaccines i.e., Johnson & Johnson

c. 7 days after a single dose injection for people who have had Covid.

Since May 27, in France, all vaccinated people can collect their vaccination certificate from the Health Insurance online service. In addition, any health professional can find the vaccination certificate and print it on request by the person concerned.
Nationals of other countries can approach the authorities of their country to know their own process.

2) A negative test certificate within 72 hours.

This concerns all RT-PCR and antigen tests performed by healthcare personnel including pharmacies. The certificate is generated as soon as the result is entered by the health personnel who can print it directly and it is also made available to the patient via an email or SMS to go and retrieve it on the SI-DEP portal (https: // sidep.gouv.fr, in France))

3) A certificate of reinstatement. This is the result of a positive RT-PCR or antigen test attesting to recovery from Covid 19, dating more than 11 days and less than 6 months, indicating a limited risk of reinfection. This proof of recovery is recovered after the test on the SI-DEP platform (https://sidep.gouv.fr , in France).

Who does the health pass apply to?

The health pass applies to restaurants, bars, trade shows, fairs, consumer events, hospitals, and long-distance journeys since August 9. The presentation of the health pass for 12–17-year-olds has been postponed to September 30.

This Health Pass device is part of the Digital Certificate of the European Union.

The Covid digital certificate or health pass was designed to facilitate free movement throughout Europe. It entered into force in 33 European countries on July 1.

This free document, accessible to all, compiles three types of immune data: proof of vaccination, negative PCR or antigen tests and certificates of remission from Covid-19.

This certificate has been designed to comply with European rules on data protection and non-discrimination.

Barrier procedures remain in force inside the Mondial du Quad with the same rules as outside.