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February 2021

While the timeline will be a little bit different – 5 30/45-minutes sessions (one more session) the
track will undergo the biggest changes. Indeed SSVs will ride on a track slightly different from the
quads. No more jumps as they were too rough for machines so they will be bypassed, gliding will be privileged to avoid big maintenance not compatible with the rhythm of the race. So only pure riding will make the difference on the podium. The overall ranking will totalize all the points won over the 5 sessions and the winner of PDV SSV Trophy will be the one with the more points. Speed and stamina are the key of the race organized in partnership with ASA Bresse Bugey co-managed by Nicolas Roux and Michel Marchand. See you in Pont de Vaux in August 27, 28 and 29 2021.

Regs and entry form enclosed