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February 2020

AINduro will see some changes for this 3rd edition. The timing is still the same 3 hours but the race will be now split in 2 1h30 sessions on Sunday morning and afternoon, same track as in 2019. Practices on Saturday end of the morning and the prolog will be raced at the end of the afternoon on the stadium (between the start line and the finish line, East side of the Mondial track) 5-lap races with 20 riders on the start, the first 10 will be ranked, 4 quarter-final, 2 semi-final and a big 10 laps final. Prize money will be awarded to the 3 first Scratch ranked, 1st – 250€, 2nd- 200€ and 3rd 150€. Riders should have fun and spectators should love it!

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